Maxi Dresses

Making your own maxi dress is a treat. As you all know a maxi dress is a long dress. These dresses come in many shapes, patterns, and colors. They have been worn by celebrities like Blake Lievely, Nicole Richie, and many others, even on the red carpet.

When you make a maxi dress yourself you have full control over the creative process. The reason I really like making my own maxi dresses is because I get to choose the material.

There are a few good place to get patterns. Amazon actually has a small selection. I’ve put some of the pictures below and if you’re interested you can click on them to get more info. Ebay actually has a huge selection of maxi dress patterns but you’ll have to bid on them. Of course some of them are “buy now” so it doesn’t matter too much. I’ve put up an RSS feed of some of Ebay’s patterns you can look through by clicking here or you can go straight to Ebay yourself when you get a chance. They do have a really great selection of patterns.

If you need a little help putting together your dress Mimi G. put together a really great video tutorial. You can check it out below:

And then of course if you just want a dress without all the hassle you could just buy one. Amazon again has a really great selection. I’ve listed a few of the dresses below just to give you a flavor.

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